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Neville Engineering Services, Inc. was created to provide practical solutions to client needs for mechanical and electrical engineering for commercial buildings. We are committed to providing quality and affordable mechanical and electrical systems, for new construction and renovation construction projects, tailored to the budgets and technical capability of the end user. We know that any successful design starts with successful planning and information gathering. Our goal at Neville Engineering is to work with the client to determine project requirements in terms of budgets, sustainability, and comfort levels before designing the system. With a shared understanding of the project, the design will reflect common sense solutions aligned with the needs and wants of the owner.


We begin our projects with collaborative work sessions involving the full design team. By using this model, all parties involved in each project have a voice in, and thorough understanding of, the major project goals. The proper pre-planning and tailoring of a design ensures a successful project for years to come. By using proven designs, systems, and equipment whenever project requirements allow, we are able to design and provide mechanical and electrical systems that are high in quality and reasonable in cost. Designs utilizing custom equipment or unproven technology greatly increase the cost of a project and risk the success of the building. Overdesigning systems, or providing unnecessary redundancy, reduces system performance and electrical efficiencies. Neville Engineering operates from the position that a design that is practical and energy efficient is in the best interest of all project stakeholders.

Provide quality engineering services for commercial buildings Design MEP systems that meet the construction budget of the project. Utilize proven MEP systems and equipment whenever possible to reduce construction costs. Understand the client’s needs and design systems to meet those needs. Meet the design schedule of the project.

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